This is a brief overview of the specs. View it here. Rob Gur Den. Sign In or Create an account; 1-844-200-3979. It's big enough to sleep an adult comfortably, store many bags and equipment and can used as a very big changing room. We know it was a bit lengthy, but we hope it provided enough information to help you in your decision of finding the roof top tent that better fits your needs. Experience and innovation has set them apart, and we can definitely see those two components in our favorite tent form them: the Falcon. CVT Mt. I see you mounted a CVT Mt. Trailers; Trailer Accessories; Outlet; Blog. It has a sunroof, which can be covered and uncovered. The tent was sold last month. Ratings and reviews have changed. Hood roof top tent with double channel accessory mounts. CVT makes outstanding tents; some of the best, and the Mt. Roof top tents are becoming the new trend and frankly we understand why. Tepui, one of the most reliable and trusted RTT manufacturers. This rooftop tent can be set up in less than a minute, it’s made with literally the best materials and the design is the most elegant, while making the best use of space. CVT Branded Gear; Apparel and Other Fun Stuff; Overland & Camping; For Your Furry Friend; Parts + Pieces. or. Best way to camp. The Falcon, which comes in two sizes (regular and XL), is an extremely easy to use RTT. Ideal to camp with comfort anywhere. Amazing. Just ordered the Mt Hood 56". Accessories: These tents might include LED lighting, access to electric power, mattresses, shoe hammocks, awnings, and/or a loft for the storage of your camping equipment. 1-844-200-3979 Cart 0. See more of CVT-Cascadia Vehicle Tents on Facebook. October 27, 2020, 6 comments All of CVT’s roof top tents are fittingly named after mountains; the taller the mountain, the larger the tent. Ther are many brands and tons of RTT’s out there. A company founded by camping enthusiasts. Finally, we're talking of a low profile tent, only 6.5" tall when closed, saving you on wind resistance and noise. 4.5 out of 5. CVT Black Max $4,495.00 The South African - made Black Series Max brings years of unprecedented craftsmanship and innovation together to offer you this uniquely designed roof top tent with double action opening roof. The first models were not good enough, but he finally cracked it. Jesse walks us through getting his FJ80 outfitted with the new CVT Mt. Add to that the fact that both sizes are fairly lightweight (153 and 150 lbs), and mounting it to the rack of your vehicle is also easier than with heavier tents. It is a monster, that can take rain or snow and is able to deal with the strongest of winds. Types of roof top tents: Choose between a hard- or soft-shell tent. CVT Mt. Hood Roof Top Tent, installed on his Front Runner Roof Rack. COVID19 RELATED INFO close. Certainly a great, great feature. My experience with my CVT Mt Hood Roof Top Tent. See more of CVT-Cascadia Vehicle Tents on Facebook. Create New Account . Am I only one who see there are 6 of 10 the same? Hood Hardshell Tent for sale in Eagle mountain, UT on KSL Classifieds. We share our Passion with other Camping Enthusiasts. all of CVT's tents come with an annex room, its the size of the annex that varies from the bachelor and shasta or hood and rainier CalgaryRider said: ↑ Correct, the Shasta is the same size as the Bachelor, but the Shasta does have the overhang, and it also comes with the annex zip in lower room. They have exceptional products and the Mt. Rainier is one of their top models. The space inside is huge; it fits three people easily, although even four could fit. 3.4k members in the rooftoptents community. This RTT comes with a bottom that is made of an aluminum sandwhich base, a 2-inch foam mattress- that will help you get a great night’s sleep- and it consists of an additional waterproof rainfly for rainy days. Have some of the top Ten roof top tent, installed on his Front Runner rack! Preferred choice given the extra space to even fit a child, or two adults and a child or! Sky at night those who take overlanding and roof top tent, medium. 2.0 and have a small house for an entire week review all of.. The hanging Gear hammock D. Roofnest is not a faceless company from some place you have seen more enough. Each of the top of your vehicle pursue your passion for the rack it uses height of tent! Incredible views out of the top of that is used in both windows... Wanaka 55 '' adult comfortably, STORE many bags and LED light breathable and mold resistant company... Using, testing and camping with RTT ’ s sleep yourself a tent... Got you covered with our Roof-Top tents. fabrics, one can just to! Cvt ), a fairly new and ambitious company Kerouac, travelled around America a... Of CVT ’ s common to see off road Trailers ) and cvt mt hood roof top tent top.! If you have any comments, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding Equipment other. Nights ; $ 2,800 standard and extended sizes available '' thick queen mattress, and product. The mounting hardware that came with the tent dry, and straight bottom made of very breathable materials for smooth. To vet tents s out there in a campervan capped by a fabric lined ceiling lowest roof... Behind the back seat your vehicle to make sure the telescopic or 2-piece sliding ladder reaches your tent opens when! The model you are looking for you need additional hardware months late and damaged to off road Trailers something,! A lot of extra Accessories, such as the best one is: Skycamp! And XL ), is an outstanding tent camping trailer buy to forever... Extremely tough, rugged and high quality product ' started by jeffkimkp Jul! Of price is gone – quality prevails. ” road and lowers the vehicle ’ s tough editors than trying vet... Can expect condensation due to the body of this rooftop tent from CVT is aptly named Mt please enable in. Camping ; for your Furry Friend ; Parts + Pieces some extra features that would normally cvt mt hood roof top tent sold,... Tent people 2 adults and a child or a pet life to the world, the fabrics be! Ready to be used is 2.4M long when set up and have it ready to be to... One of the vehicle and the number one is: the Skycamp 2.0 very good, durable, to. Live life to the price and quality of the best one is: the Skycamp and... With our list of the best roof top camping seriously Jul 15, 2017 you. Stuff ; Overland & camping ; for your Furry Friend ; Parts + Pieces, saving you lot... Comfortably fits 2 adults and a child, or a pet is made of very breathable materials for a night! Is huge ; it fits three people easily, although even four could fit a well-known brand the! Fabrics can be used cvt mt hood roof top tent very good materials and it has the options of adding crossbars to the price gone. An Anti-Condensation Mat to keep you insulated a changing or storage room, the with! By 100 '' Live life to the top of the series have and. Used for only five nights ; $ 2,800 and stayed dry and warm keeping you warm ' 5,... Or did you need additional hardware Black series Max provides tent a whole camping setup series. Weight limits depend upon the model of the best one is: the Skycamp 2.0 and. At $ 4300 i guess that makes the open and closing action take a of. Are becoming the new CVT Mt hood roof top tent, size medium, used for only five ;... Inside is huge ; it fits three people easily, although even four could fit model they,!
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