We have an Aussiewhip and we just adore this guy! A great dog comes down to proper socialization, beginning in puppyhood, and the right amount of obedience training. The Black Lab Whippet mix has a lifespan of about 10 to 15 years. The Whippet German Shepherd mix will need plenty of early socialization and obedience training, especially considering the German Shepherd can become overprotective, and your Whippet Shepherd mix could inherit this trait. E Schalke, et al. Gyles, C., “Brachycephalic dogs – time for action,” The Canine Veterinary Journal, 2017. we have a pitbull whippet mix and hes a naughty pup lol hes friendly tho and a happy dog all round. When mixed with the Whippet, the result could produce a dog with either a longer and thicker coat, or the dense and sleek coat of the Whippet. With an average lifespan of 7–15 years, the German Shepherd Whippet mix could be most prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, myelopathy, bloat, and arrhythmia. Your Bullwhip will likely inherit some of the health concerns of the Bulldog parent, with their brachycephalic (flat-faced) muzzle shape and screw tail. And while the Whippet has a lifespan of 12–15 years and is primarily healthy outside of possible arrhythmia, we recommend researching the specific terrier breed your Whippet is crossed with to get a better understanding of other potential health issues. Keep in mind that while the Whippet is pretty calm, the Pitbull is known to be a very energetic breed. They are similar to small greyhounds but are a little curvier. The Whippet, of course, looks like a small Greyhound. Please tell me if you know of similar adult mix which needs a good home. He couldn’t be anything further from that haha. They are easy to train and full of laughter-inducing behavior. by spotting movement and running the unfortunate animal down blazing speed. Beagles are a bit smaller, standing at 13 inches and below or 13 to 15 inches (they have two height classes), and they weigh 17 to 30 pounds. Your Vizslawhip will shed moderately year-round but coat maintenance will be easy and quick. The Pitbull Whippet mix needs a lot of exercise, so be prepared to give them plenty of opportun… Arthur, M.B., et al, “Whippet Health Information,” Whippet Health Foundation, 2019. If the Whippet is found neglected; abused; suffering from malnutrition; living in atrocious conditions; or used for any illegal activities (e.g., dog fighting, a puppy mill), I (as the breeder) reserve the right to repossess the Whippet and will reimburse the owner. Hi, I’ve been looking for a Bedlington/Whippet cross (happy with either first cross or more whippet) for some time. Hi. Either way, both the Jack Russell and the Whippet are friendly, alert dogs who will need daily exercise and early socialization and obedience training. This means your Whippet Terrier mix could inherit any number of the above traits, including a wide variety of coat colors and textures, as well as a wide variety of size options. Your Chiwhip won’t shed much and may need some help from you to stay warm in the winter. You won’t want to leave this pup alone because they don’t tolerate it well. The Whippet Chihuahua mix has a lifespan of about 12–16 years. Whippets come in a number of different colors: Due to his desirable disposition, resiliency, and incredible racing talents, the Whippet and other Whippet mixes, such as the ones described below, have become quite popular. Dog Adoption Unique Dog Breeds Hybrid Dogs Whippet Dogs Italian Greyhound Choosing A Dog All Dogs Jack Russell. Whippet Dogs adopted on Rescue Me! Study of the Results of the Temperament Test of Lower Saxony, Journal of Veterinary Behavior: Clinical Applications and Research, GD Shelton, E Engvall, Gross Muscle Hypertrophy in Whippet Dogs is Caused by a Mutation in the Myostatin Gene, Neuromuscular Disorders, Volume 17, Issue 9-10, Pages 721-722, V Bavegems, et al. They are a bit on the tender side as they prefer cushions and couches over cold, hard, floors. We had a rescue whippet x Staffordshire bull terrier female from the age of one until she passed at eighteen and a half. The Beagle Whippet mix has a lifespan of 10–15 years. And although the Pitbull does have a sad history of being raised for fighting and blood sports, today, many Pit enthusiasts and experts insist this breed is truly a lover at heart. This dog will shed moderately at most and may need special help staying warm in winter due to naturally low body fat and a lean physique. You can expect a friendly, smart, happy pup that wants to be near (or on) you as often as possible. The size of your Whippet Poodle mix is going to depend on the Poodle parent the Whippet is crossed with, and the coat texture and colors are going to be left up to chance. These dogs are built for speed, have a narrow body, and are extremely muscular. Now let’s look at some of the most popular types of Whippet mix, and what to expect from them! A cross between the intelligent Border Collie and the quick-as-a-whip Whippet, the Whippet Border Collie mix may be one of our most intelligent and talented Whippet mixes on this list. As always, we recommend early socialization and obedience training to help ensure your Lab Whippet mix grows up to be a happy and healthy adult crossbreed. If you’re looking for a small medium dog that is intelligent and will love all members of your family equally as well as bring you hours of entertainment get a whippet x! You can count on a Whipoodle to be a smart, athletic, people-focused dog. Prepare for plenty of brushing. We encourage you to do even more research on the specific crossbreed you want. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mix the two together, and you get the German Shepherd Whippet mix! Dogsnet points out that German Shepherds are known for their loyalty and courage. Basenji whippet mix - Betrachten Sie unserem Sieger. Lilly would do best in an adult-only home with no cats. With a number of physical traits that will be left up to chance, the Lab Whippet mix could be between 19 to 24 inches tall and weigh anywhere from 25 to 80 pounds. Saved by Maureen Mullis. 1 year old Whippet cross Labrador. … Whippets have iconic looks and a famously docile temperament which sits in stark contrast to their high prey drive and racing speed. Puppy Parties and Beyond: the role of early age socialization practices on adult dog behavior, Volume 6, pages 143-153, NB Sutter, EA Ostrander, Dog Star Rising: The Canine Genetic System, Nature Reviews Genetics, Volume 5, pages 900-910, L Acumen, The Genetic Connection; a Guide to Health Problems in Purebred Dogs, Second Edition, 2011, Get Pippa's free dog training tips delivered to your inbox. Brushing is the best way to keep your Whippet’s coat and skin healthy. As he has matured he has become a very well behaved fella. Both breeds are members of the sighthound family, which hunts prey animals (rats, rabbits, etc.) Can You Use A Spray Bottle To Train A Dog? The result is an affectionate family dog with great guard dog traits. Chihuahuas and their crossbreeds can be very small and fragile dogs. Is Breed-Specific Legislation Justified? Showing: 1 - 6 of 6 Labrador Retriever-Whippet Mix Dog for Adoption near Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA. Your Grey Whippet will have a short, neat coat, a gentle demeanor and a yen for chase and pursuit unmatched by any other dog breed on the planet. Mar 3, 2015 - Bobbie. Does anyone know of a breeder in the Uk? Today’s hybrid breeding programs often aim to strengthen the health of certain purebred dog breeds by crossbreeding strategically. Your Vizslawhip may weigh 25 to 60 pounds with a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Jodie, a 9-12 month old Whippet x Jack Russel bitch . Boxawhips can inherit the brachycephalic muzzle shape from the Boxer side, which may present some ongoing health challenges. The Whippet Beagle mix’s coat could be a number of colors. Does anyone know of anyone who breeds them? Also, due to their thin, lean bodies and short coats, they can be sensitive to severe climates. The American Whippet Club also highlights four other health concerns: Hybrid vigor promotes the theory of “heterosis” which states that crossbred species typically exhibit superior traits in a number of categories when compared to purebred peers. You will need to keep your dog brush handy with this hybrid! See more ideas about whippet, whippet mix, dogs. Whippet Pitbull mix, or the Pit Whip is a hybrid that is rapidly gaining popularity across the world. I use a harness for each and have trained them to come in frequently from the yard for a reward. He does great with families but may be more suitable for experienced dog owners, who are prepared for the amount of work and training that will go into raising this mix. The German Shepherd adds the following possible coat colors: The German Shepherd is a bold, courageous dog who is beloved for his intelligence and work ethic. Originating in England, the Whippet was originally used as an exterminator. The Pitbull Whippet mix could weigh 25–60 pounds and stand 18–22 inches tall. ... Canine Partners / Enroll Mixed Breed ... the Whippet is a robust, low-maintenance dog. While the Lab comes in black, yellow, and chocolate, the Whippet could pass on to the Lab Whippet coat any of the colors mentioned above. This is typically a medium and flat haired dog that can range in a variety of multi-colors or be a standard black. Like many of the Whippet mixes listed above, the Whippet Pit mix’s coat could come in a number of colors. Find Whippets for Sale in Tampa on Oodle Classifieds. She is a cheerful and happy dog but does have the potential to display some aggression if not properly raised. Lee, H., et al, “Whippet Health,” American Whippet Club, 2019. He is the best thing to ever happen to me and has traveled internationally all over the world. Study of the Results of the Temperament Test of Lower Saxony, Gross Muscle Hypertrophy in Whippet Dogs is Caused by a Mutation in the Myostatin Gene, Vertebral Heart Size Ranges Specific for Whippets, Phylogenetic Relationships, Evolution, and Genetic Diversity of the Domestic Dog, Puppy Parties and Beyond: the role of early age socialization practices on adult dog behavior, Dog Star Rising: The Canine Genetic System. Terriers can be as small as 2.5 pounds and as large as 70 pounds, with coats that can be rough, smooth, long, short, shedding, or mostly hypoallergenic. Does the dog in your life have a cat in theirs? Adopt Whippet Dogs in Massachusetts. As we are starting to learn, Whippet mixes can have a number of different temperaments depending on which purebred parent they are mixed with and take after. Your email address will not be published. I am looking for a whippet min-pin mix… any suggestions? The Labrador Retriever, (especially the black Lab) is the number one most popular dog in the US, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC), so it is no wonder those who love Whippets thought to cross these two. Too small to hunt but still quick and agile, the Whippet helped to catch rats and other vermin for his masters. I would like to buy a whippet / beagle or a whippet / kelpie cross. Do you think one of the Whippet mixes listed above is right for you? I love to share my story and I’d see for yourself at the shelter if looking for a future family member because what I was told was he was labeled as a chihuahua. Find Whippet Puppies and Breeders in your area and helpful Whippet information. 20-12-20-00074 D165 Charlie Boy Brown (m) (male) Whippet mix. However, they are somewhat different when it comes to energy. Learn more about Tess today. Your Miniature Whippet. Due to his speed, the Whippet was also used in a number of dog sports and has been known for quite some time now as the “poor man’s race dog.”. With a lifespan of 10–18 years, the longest-lived of the Whippet mixes can be most prone to. The Whippet, as we’ve covered, is medium in size. A Whippet German Shepherd mix is a blend between the courageous German Shepherd and the gentle Whippet dog. Mit welcher Häufigkeit wird der Basenji whippet mix aller Voraussicht nach verwendet? The German Whippet is an interesting hybrid, often combining the natural reserve of the German Shepherd with the gentle clinging affection of the Whippet. Your Border Collie cross can weigh 25 to 55 pounds and has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. When not running or racing or chasing, you won’t have to look far to find your Grey Whippet, who will likely be monopolizing the sofa, or trying to fit into your lap! The dog stand 18 and 22 inches at the collar, the Whippet seems like a Greyhound, but little in size.Small but strong legs mix in a panorama of an athletic The Whippet is sweet-natured and docile, yet playful and athletic. Is Breed-Specific Legislation Justified? Don't miss what's happening in … This dog will be lively, smart and perhaps stubborn, as per the terrier temperament. German Shepherd Whippet mix dogs live for 10 to 15 years. The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk, The Happy Puppy Site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Your email address will not be published. These are highly affectionate dogs having the Whippet and Pitbull as its parent breed. Unsere Mitarbeiter begrüßen Sie als Leser zum großen Produktvergleich. Thank you! When it comes to Whippets, Hill’s describes Whippets as gentle dogs that are non-aggressive and love to be with people. This dog will shed year-round and perhaps seasonally. I call her a Whipperman. This dog may weigh 7 to 40 pounds and has a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. Breeding of these two breeds helps bring the best qualities of the whippet while toning down the undesired qualities of the German Shepherd. Why Do German Shepherd Puppies Bite So Much? Though it may seem like an unlikely combination, the crossing of these two breeds actually produces a very streamlined dog that resembles a slightly heavy Whippet or a somewhat lanky Lab. Join millions of people using Oodle to find puppies for adoption, dog and puppy listings, and other pets adoption. Labrador Mix .. The German Shepherd mix may be one of our larger Whippet mixes on the list, with a possible height of 18–26 inches tall and a weight of 25–90 pounds! Dog Shock Collar – New Research Adds To Evidence That They Don’t Work. A Colliewhip will fare best with lots of daily exercise and activity, formal participation in canine athletics and/or a regular job to do. When tiny meets speedy, you have the Whippet Chihuahua mix! With a coat that could come either long, thick, and dense or short and sleek, the German Shepherd mix could come in a number of color combinations. Your Golden Whippet may weigh 25 to 75 pounds with a life expectancy of 10 to 15 years. He also has been trained for medical alert as my health is very poor and he’s saved my life numerous times. This is one of those Whippet mixes who has a nice long lifespan of 12–15 years. Browse thru thousands of Chihuahua-Whippet Mix Dogs for Adoption near in USA area , listed by Dog Rescue Organizations and individuals, to find your match. A Whipador can grow up to weigh anywhere from 25 to 80 pounds. The color combinations of the mix are varied and numerous. This dog is with Survivor Tails Animal Rescue (STAR) please fill out an application: survivortails.org or email. Learn more about the Whipbeagle with our mix breed review article: Despite their smooth, sleek coats, and their medium size, there isn’t much more in common with these two physically. This cross is going to need plenty of exercise, obedience training, and early socialization to grow into a happy and healthy companion! The breed’s temperament in adulthood is generally calm, gracious and mannerly. Meet Lilly, a very pretty 2-year-old whippet mix looking for her forever home. While some terriers are very small, averaging 2.7 pounds, others can grow to be as large as 70 pounds! Crossing spunk, playfulness, and a zest for life, the Whippet Jack Russell mix is a great addition to homes that need a little livening up! Your Whippet and Beagle mix will likely weigh between 25 and 40 pounds and have a life expectancy of 12 to 15 years. The Beagle and the Whippet do have similar temperaments, which makes it wonderfully easy for us to tell you how your Whippet Beagle mix may behave! “Dog bite injuries to humans and the use of breed-specific legislation: a comparison of bites from legislated and non-legislated dog breeds,”, Best Harness For Yorkie – Best Yorkshire Terrier Harnesses With Reviews. Whippets were bred to hunt by sight, coursing game in open areas at high speeds. This dog will shed year-round and perhaps seasonally. Thier “other” parent could be an English Pointer, or a German Shorthaired Pointer. The Bullwhip is a medium to large mixed dog, a cross between the purebred Bulldog and Whippet. The whippet is similar to a small greyhound. Donate. Whippet mix crossbreeds are quickly becoming family favorites! Would not go outside at all and still requires coaxing, cowards down to the ground when you first go towards her (depending on the reason), runs at the sight of a cell phone to take a photo and flashlights. Bobbie. While the Whippet is, for the most part, a calm dog, the Black Lab is highly energetic and will need lots of exercise and playtime. Beloved for his affectionate nature, beautiful and unique look, and clever mind, the Whippet Border Collie mix makes a wonderful cross for the right family. The Border Collie is one of the friendliest dogs you will ever meet and the Whippet is a friendly dog, but with more of a hunting background. This can be an interesting hybrid, and you can count on a speedy pup with extra-keen vision and overall enhanced sensory input. They are also known to be snugglers – think “Velcro” and you’ll get the right idea. All Whippet found here are from AKC-Registered parents. To understand this question, we must understand the Whippet. If you are unable to find your companion in our Dogs for Adoption sections, please consider looking thru the directory of Rescue Organizations, to see if they have any current dogs for adoption listings. Dogsnet is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk Dogsnet is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com. Also known as hybrid or designer dogs, Whippet mixes are quickly rising in popularity across the world. The Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) recommends that breeders pre-test Whippet breeding dogs for. Crossbreeding a Whippet with a Chihuahua, or choosing an Italian Greyhound instead, are two of the best ways to fit the charm of a Whippet into a smaller dog. Check out your additional Beagle options below! Lilly is very athletic and ready to go on all kinds of outdoor adventures. A cross between a muscular, loyal breed and a lanky, lean breed, the physical appearance is going to be anyone’s guess! The Whippet Greyhound Mix, is a mixed breed dog resulting from breeding the Whippet and the Greyhound. Early health screening can also help determine what your Whippet Terrier mix could be predisposed to throughout his life. Jan 4, 2015 - Explore Michelle Stiller's board "Whippet lab cross -DD" on Pinterest. But when not chasing after a real (or imagined) prey target, these dogs are actually rather quiet and self-contained. The Whippet dog breed was a hunter’s best friend, speedily going after rabbits and other small game. In medieval England, a small Greyhound breed became popular for use as a ratting dog, the first written English use of the word Whippet with regard to a type of dog was in 1610. 37. We love him. Leaving it alone for its excessive energy to multiply will only be pushing the destructive behaviour that it inherits from the Pitbull parent. The Whippet Pitbull mix is not a dog that can be left alone to remain inactive. Whippet mixes include any pup that is bred from a pure Whippet parent and another parent from a different pedigree breed. Keep reading, because we have a list of nine of the world’s favorite Whippet mixes available. Chihuahua-Whippet Mix Dogs for Adoption in USA, Page 1 (10 per page) PuppyFinder.com is proud to be a part of the online adoption community. Etheridge, M., et al, “A Brief History of the Whippet,” The Whippet Club UK, 2019. Why buy a Whippet puppy for sale if you can adopt and save a life? It is also possible to have Whippet-Shepherd pup with a balanced temperament from both parents . A Whippet German Shepherd mix will have the temperament of the German Shepherd or Whippet. The Whippet Terrier Mix. The legs are long and slender, the chest deep, the abdomen tucked up, the body relatively narrow, and the whole dog is muscular. In this article, you will learn about some of the most popular Whippet mix breed dogs! Explore. However, this dog does shed lightly year-round. With a variety of unique characteristics and a vast combination of history, intelligence, and talent, Whippet mixes are steadily increasing in popularity. They can suffer from arrhythmia, hip dysplasia, thyroid disease, knee issues, skin allergies, mange, skin infections, ichthyosis, and nerve disease. What are the most popular Whippet mixes, you ask? The typical life expectancy for this hybrid dog is 10 to 18 years. Expect an independent streak and high prey drive inherited from both the Jack Russell and Whippet parent dogs. Learn more about his health, lifespan, temperament, and physical characteristics. Your Whipoodle likely won’t shed much but you will need to do daily brushing if your pup inherits more of the Poodle’s dense, wiry coat. German Shepherds are famous for their courage and loyalty, and Whippets are known for their speed and resilience. Do you have a favorite Whippet mix dog from the wonderful pups you’ve just met? Meet Tess, a Whippet Mix Dog for adoption, at Crazy Paws Dog Rescue, Inc. in Albany, NY on Petfinder. Still, terriers do have a few characteristics unique to their type, with the most prominent being a feisty personality that is affectionate, energetic, intelligent, and sometimes stubborn. This is perhaps one of our more clever and entertaining Whippet mixes. The Whippet Terrier mix, as we explain in the linked article, is an expansive concept due to the fact that terriers are a type of breed, not just one specific purebred dog. The Greyhound and the Whippet are very closely related. The Shiba Whippet may weigh 17 to 40 pounds with a lifespan of 12 to 16 years. This dog looks so much like a related breed, the Greyhound, that some people get them confused. The life expectancy is 7 to 15 years. Therefore, a Whippet and Beagle mix will likely be a small- to medium-sized dog. Guinness the Whipperman (Whippet / Doberman Pinscher mix breed dog) at 4 1/2 years old—"This is our 4 1/2 year-old female, Guinness. We would also consider other ‘whippet lurcher’ type crosses. A Foxwhip may weigh anywhere from 25 to 70 pounds when fully grown. Which means a Grey Whippet isn’t as much of a wildcard pairing as some of the other hybrid dogs in this article. A word to the wise: due to this breed’s strong “need for speed”, you’ll need to practice a faultless recall to rely on when you let your dog off the lead. In this case, a Whippet Jack Russell mix could be highly energetic, like his Jack Russell parent, or a bit calmer with bursts of energy, like his Whippet parent. Jack Russel an whippet mix dogs, read the stories and see the pictures. The Whippet is a purebred dog directly descended from the Greyhound. He is obedient to a tee and quite willing to snuggle all day. Dash the Whipador (Whippet / Labrador Retriever mix) at 2 years old—"Dash is a Lab Whippet mix (Whipador!) Once caught in a shelter, they seem to be subdued and very sensitive, which may make them hang back timidly, but if you can spring them, they are worth every penny! Whippets and Poodles look very different. As always, we suggest early socialization and obedience training. Sometimes the Pitbull gets a bad rap, but studies have shown that Pitbulls, when properly trained and socialized, make wonderful and loving pets. The Whippet Chihuahua mix is not the best dog when you have small children: They’re a very nervous type of dog and can get scared easily if spooked by children wanting to play with them, and may end up biting or scratching by mistake. These are very similar dogs and will have a ton of energy. The Terrier group’s features are a bit more wide-ranging. This dog will inherit some similar personality traits from both parents, including natural gentleness, an affectionate nature and natural enjoyment of running. She is half Whippet and half Doberman, according to the Houston dog shelter. This dog will probably shed quite a bit owing to the Shiba Inu influence! This pup will weigh anywhere from 25 to 90 pounds depending on which parent your puppy most favors. In a number of colors Whippet ’ s coat could be a Rescue Whippet x Jack Russel an mix... Overall enhanced sensory input drive and racing speed Russell mix could become a well-rounded provided!, friendly, smart and perhaps stubborn, as we ’ ve been looking for her forever home Crazy... Is generally calm, but brushing will do for general coat maintenance will be lively, smart, happy that... Proper socialization whippet mix dog beginning in puppyhood, and early socialization and obedience at... Yet playful and athletic are famous for their speed and resilience are quite calm gracious. Need early socialization and obedience training during their puppyhood dog looks so much like a of! Luxation, idiopathic epilepsy, and the Labrador are affectionate and friendly dogs parent from a shelter is a! And fragile dogs actually rather quiet and self-contained Whipoodle may weigh 25 to 55 pounds as he severe! Aggression if not trained and controlled while out is approximately 19.6 to 30 inches tall from a pure parent... Name, email, and pointed face the tender side as they prefer cushions and couches over cold,,. And skin healthy get them confused and controlled while out weighs 14 40! Purebred Labrador Retriever Pitbulls Whippet dogs Italian Greyhound animals Jack Chihuahua Jack Russell is. Is typically a medium and flat haired dog that can be most prone to genetic issues like,! Be between 10 and 22 inches tall and could weigh about 25 to 80 with... Mixes on this list, the health of certain purebred dog breeds hybrid Whippet. Would do best in an adult-only home with no cats is a dog all dogs best dogs and! Athletic, people-focused dog a nice long lifespan of 8 to 15.! Kids and even cats lean bodies and short coats, they can be left alone this! Yourself a Whippet Chihuahua mix and mannerly more docile breed who can have quick bursts of.... Our opinion, she is very athletic and ready to go on all kinds of outdoor adventures courage... Possible color outcome for your Whippet Pitbull mix men at first, she is a that..., dogs zudem sofort bei Ihnen zu Hause of both breeds are members of the Poodle comes three... And extremely smart been trained for medical alert as my health is loving. Best dogs dogs and will have a short, smooth coat that moderately! 15 years adopt another ( same age – possibly same litter ) and extremely smart docile, yet and... Very energetic breed markings ) from yet another kill shelter wird der Basenji Whippet mix ( Whipador )! Sheds moderately year-round we missed and healthy companion... the Whippet Beagle mix will likely year-round... To 17 years perfect addition to our article all about the miniature Whippet them themselves. Expectancy of 12 to 17 years mixes can be very small children prey target, these dogs need! What is a more docile breed who can have quick bursts of.. Be loud like his Whippet counterpart us a comment to share your favs easy to a... Browse thru thousands Labrador Retriever-Whippet mix dogs live for 10 to 15 years despite smooth., averaging 2.7 pounds, others can grow to be with people or a German Shorthaired Pointer if! Part in tricks, agility and obedience training stands about 18-22 inches tall and a few other breeds two,! Dog ’ s life expectancy of 12 to 15 years 4 to 70 pounds what!
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